Our bodies are always shedding and replenishing cells. As we get older we don’t replenish our cells as fast as they die off but the more we take care of our health, the slower this process happens.

This includes the cells in our vital organs, skin, and even the brain. This may seem like a negative thought, but really it’s a positive. Since your cells are always regenerating, you can replace any unhealthy cells with younger, healthier cells.

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There are five ways you can do this and keep your body looking and feeling young, even as you age.

1. Fresh Veggies and Fruits vs. Processed Foods

Want a younger body? Fill yours up with fresh vegetables and fruits of a rainbow of colors. These foods help protect the body from damage and boost your regeneration cycle with a range of vitamins and minerals, as opposed to processed foods which degenerate your cells.

These processed foods contain so much chemical and unnatural junk that throws your cells all out of whack.

2. Water vs. Alcohol and Caffeine

Pure water helps to keep your cells hydrated and plump. It also helps to lubricate your joints, improve blood flow to your cells to promote regeneration, and helps with the digestive process and flushing toxic waste from your body.

Alcohol can actually kill brain cells and has even been proven to deplete vitamins and weaken your immune system. Even your bone marrow regeneration is slowed by excessive alcohol intake. Caffeine is another liquid to limit.

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It also depletes minerals like calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus. It also stresses the adrenal glands and nervous system.

3. Whole Grains vs. Fats and Oils

Whole grains are a complete food containing fiber, vitamins and minerals, protein, and some even contain some healthy fats. These foods like quinoa, barley, millet, and oatmeal should be included in your diet daily. Deep fried foods and sugary baked goods are the opposite. They contain a lot of calories but very little nutrition for the body.

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They put excess stress on the liver and digestive system putting your body into toxic shock. There are good fats, however, that will help keep us staying young. Olive oil is one of those fats.

Eating it can help keep our skin and nails looking healthy. It can even help with hair repair, so don’t forget to use it instead of vegetable oil.

4. Exercise vs. Couch Potato

Exercise keeps your body young by building strength in your muscles and bones and joints. This wards off osteoporosis, arthritis, and fractures caused by falls. Exercise will even keep your mind young. It has been proven to reduce your chances of developing dementia or Alzheimer’s when you get older.

When you include cardio exercise you sweat and get rid of toxins in your body and strength your heart. Sitting around all day slows your metabolism, increases chances of blood clots, and causes obesity.

5. Good Night’s Sleep vs. Sugar

Sleep is when the body does most of its cell regeneration. Skipping this vital time will interrupt that process. Sleep helps to heal the body and replenish your energy levels. Without adequate sleep we tend to look elsewhere for energy sources.

One of those things we turn to for energy is sugar. Sugar is a toxic food that contains no vitamins or minerals but is extremely high in calories. Consuming too much sugar can mess with your body’s ability to balance your sugar levels in your body.

Little lifestyle changes like these can make a big difference over time. Stay looking a feeling young by trying these simple tricks.